Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Just think about it...

Lets try to be a little honest and look into ourselves a little...

Can we listen to an opposing opinion without getting angry?

Why do we get angry? Are we afraid that we are wrong and anger is our only defense?

If we know that we are right, can we not feel sympathy and understanding for those who do not know the truth?

How is the situation improved when we just start hurting each other?

Is vengeance and killing the opposition the right solution?

Are we proved right when the opposition is dead and gone?

Why do we make so many decisions based on just our feelings and emotions?

Why don't we use our intelligence more often?

What if one day we realized the truth of all things? How many of our past decisions would we regret because they were wrong or unjust?

We question ourselves everytime something beyond our comprehension happens(natural disaster, death, etc).

If we question ourselves, then do we really believe in GOD?

Or is it that we do not trust GOD?

How many of us have turned GOD into a convenient answer to questions we do not want to explore ourselves?

How many of us seek the truth for ourselves?

How many of us let other people think for us?

How many of us are just lazy and always take the easiest way out?

How many of us would choose a comfortable lie over an un-pleasant truth?

If Jesus was among us today...

How would we know who he was, as we have no faculty or sense organ to detect divinity?

Would we hate him for his open-mindedness and his un-conditional embrace of the poor, the rich, the good, the bad, the atheists and the religious fanatics?

Would we want to kill him for forcing us to think beyond our limited opinions and beliefs?

How many of us would be brave enough stand by him, against the majority of those who will be unwilling to change their existing way of life?

Just think about it.


Bonanza Jellybean said...

That was a GREAT post. Just GREAT.

David Amulet said...

Finally a blog worth reading!

I love the way you start this post -- with the comment about how rare it is to witness someone listening to an opposing opinion without getting angry. I wrote on something similar last month: the tendency to call anyone you disgree with a "liar."

The comfortable lie, I fear, is winning its battles against the unpleasant truth. Welcome to the the war; thanks for joining the noble side!

Keep the good stuff coming.

-- d.a.

Broken Messenger said...

Great post. Very good thoughts.


ShellBug526 said...

What a great post!

Raj said...

Thank you for your comments everyone.

kitty said...

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The 502 said...

Interesting post. Here is some more info for your readers to consider.

I have no problem listening to others without getting angry. Unfortunately, I know I am in the minority. I think all of us that can remain calm have been through a time in our lives when we would get angry. Emotions are nothing more than responses to current situations based on past experience. Approaching situations with intelligence, while not succumbing to our emotions, is difficult, but can be learned by all. Well, maybe not by those without intelligence. [grin]

In regards to your question about regreting past decisions once we realized absolute truth, this happens to many people. We may not realize the truth in all things, but we do realize some truths that change our views. When realized, we know that we have made bad decisions in the past. Regret is unproductive and can sometimes be debilitating. If we learn one thing or all things, there is no reason to regret. Instead, use your newfound knowledge to better your life. Put simply, look forward with confidence instead of looking back with regret.

It's interesting that you asked these 2 questions:
How many of us seek the truth for ourselves?
How many of us let other people think for us?

I was planning on addressing these in one of my own posts soon. It amazes me how many people will blindly trust what other people say. If I am told something as fact, I will usually check out the information myself. As a person who enjoys learning new things, I want to be sure that my sources are correct. Once I have trust in them, I don't need to follow up as often with research of my own.

Keep up the insightful posts. The greatest thing any of us can do for others is to provoke thought that leads to self-enlightenment.

The 502